Low Back Pain Following a Car Accident


Many people experiencing low back pain, in Plantation, Fl, following a car accident are not sure what to do. Some just think if they leave it alone it will just go away. The bad news is that it often doesn’t. Your spine and nervous system is very important for your overall health. Your lower back controls functions such as digestion, kidney function, fertility and your sexual function, your legs, knees, feet, bladder, ovaries and uterus. All of the above can become impaired following a car accident. Symptoms that your lower back may have been injured due to a car accident include:
Low back pain
Knee Pain
Foot Pain
Numbness and tingling in the Feet
Weakness in the legs
Difficulty walking
Many people don’t think they have nerve damage if they don’t have pain following an accident. However, some people don’t know that one symptom of nerve damage is lack of feeling, which is even worse than pain. Pain at least alerts you that something is wrong. Many people are walking around with this and many other types of damage, and don’t realize it until many weeks following a car accident when other symptoms set in. Please don’t make this happen to you. Make sure that you have a complete orthopedic and neurological test as soon as possible following a car accident, as the State of Florida only allows you 2 weeks following a car accident to see a healthcare professional, or lose your personal injury protection which usually covers the lion’s share of your medical expenses.

Many people have physical jobs that they can’t perform because of low back pain due to a car accident. These people are really happy to find out, even if they are at fault for the accident, that this insurance will cover them to stay home and heal for a few days or even weeks while they heal. Dr. Owen has almost 20 years of experience treating car accident patients. Statics show that a large number of car accident victims still have pain and disability for months, and sometimes years after they have had an accident and their case closed. This is why it is important to choose safe natural chiropractic car following a car accident.  Numerous studies show Chiropractic to be the most effective choice for lower back pain following an accident.
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