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My Chiropractic Journey

I became interested in the Alternative Health Field when I started having health problems at the age of 27.  My Doctor was the head of a department at the University of Miami.  I was very disappointed with the treatment. I did not think they had done any investigation or testing to find the cause. it was clear to me that it was of no interest to them.  They just prescribed endless medicine that did not work.  I went to several doctors, it was clear they could not help.  I tried several treatments learned Reiki 1 and 2.  I also learned meditation.  My name is even on the Magnified healing manual.  I prayed often for healing.  However, I also got an introduction to chiropractic care and functional medicine.  It helped me and gave me my life back.  What we do at Westside Chiropractic Center is not stronger than prayers but the answer to prayers of people looking for effective holistic health care.


Dr. Owen Graduated from Life University in Atlanta, GA in 1997.  She was certified in Applied Clinical Kinesiology in 2003.  She was certified in Acupuncture in by the International College Medical Acupuncturists in 2011 and has completed further studies in Acupuncture at the University of Miami.   She added Neuro Emotional Technique to her practice recently to help patients to get lasting relief from physical symptoms brought on by stress and past trauma.  

Quality Chiropractic Care

At Westside Chiropractic Center, we always try to give our patients more than they expect and provide the highest quality care. We respect your time and make it easy for Sunrise and Downtown Miami FL families to incorporate chiropractic care into even the busiest schedule.

We offer years of experience combined with the most up-to-date techniques to help you get out of pain quickly and obtain optimal wellness. We utilize proven therapies in addressing other areas that affect your health such as biochemical issues (which would include may include sometimes includes evaluation of hormones, inflammation, and neurotransmitters) that can be the real cause of pain. Our goal is to address the whole person, since you are unique, we offer complete health assessments and a variety of proven treatments to help you recover your health.

Dr. Lisa Owen and her team encourage everyone to see if chiropractic care can help them. No matter how long you have suffered and how many doctors you have seen, we have helped when many others have failed. Our biggest satisfaction is seeing patients who thought they would have pain or bad health for years, thrive after just a few visits. We also see children and love seeing them benefit and cope better with life after receiving chiropractic care.

Functional Medicine Protocols for Influenza

Functional Medicine Protocols for Influenza

Many people suffer from many kinds of viruses that don’t have a vaccine or a specific drug to cure it, such as Herpes, West Nile Virus, and Dengue Fever.  The specialty of functional virology looks at the type of virus, then through clinical experience and scientific studies devises protocols that improve immunity, prevent infection, and in the event of infection prevent viral replication.  Functional medicine uses mostly nutritional supplements herbs that have been scientifically proven to improve the function of your immune system and other critical systems to reduce your risk of fatality.

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Injured in and Auto Accident?

If you have been injured in an automobile accident you have 14 days from the date of the accident to see a physician or lose your $10,000 in personal injury benefits.  Call and make your appointment today.

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Studies show that past traumas can have a significant effect on your health.   Neuro Emotional Technique can help!


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