Cannabis or CBD Pain Following An Auto Injury


Many people who have been in a car accident or experienced trauma may have nerve damage,  whiplash, brain damage, concussion, neck or back pain, radiating pain, sleeplessness, insomnia, depression, numbness and tingling, headaches and more.  CBD products are popping up everywhere.  Dr. Lisa Owen, your Plantation Chiropractor, is now incorporating CBD with chiropractic treatments for better results.  Having carefully researched CBD is of the opinion that it is almost malpractice not to recommend CBD to patients that have experienced whiplash, concussion or are having pain following a car accident, trauma.



In 2018 the federal government removed hemp from the controlled substances list.  Lots of states have passed new laws legalizing Marijuana.    Are people just looking for a reason to get high? or is there a legitimate reason to include cannabis back into the Pharmocia America.  Cannabinoids are not in hemp oil, but they are present in the flower of the hemp plant. Hemp is different from the marijuana plant, in that a marijuana plant has a lot of THC and hemp has less than 3% THC.  Both are cannabinoids. Marijuana is still on the controlled substances list.  Hemp is not.   CBD and other cannabinoids come from the hemp plant.  CBD is NOT PSYCHOACTIVE OR ADDICTIVE.  THC should not be taken by anyone under 25 as it can hinder the growth of the frontal lobe of the brain and is psychoactive.  CBD is safe for children. The Hemp flower has many cannabinoids and less than 3% THC.  CBD IS NOT addictive.  CBD products will clear the brain of a mouse in a few days.  The positive effects can last for months.  CBD products will only test positive on less thorough, less expensive drug tests.  Your doctor that prescribed CBD can issue you a letter requiring a more thorough drug test.


States with medical cannabis laws decreased on average their annual overdose rate by over 24%.  In Michigan, a respective survey revealed a 64% decrease in opioid use and an overall increase in quality of life in those who used cannabinoids for pain.  A study of 2,800 pain patients in California strongly agreed that cannabinoids reduced their opioid use.


You can take the word of the Journal of the American Medical Association.  They performed 28 clinical trials over 67 years and concluded that cannabis therapy was useful for marked pain relief and spacity reduction (that means it is good for the brain and nerves) and is supported by “high-quality evidence.”

More importantly, people who have had brain trauma or stroke may experience a decrease of oxygen to the brain. Cannabis is found to decrease degenerating neurons and increase healthy neurons.  Cannabinoids reduce inflammation and histamine which is the root cause of almost all illnesses and pain following an automobile injury or trauma.  CBD has also been found to be neuroprotective, reducing the possibility of outcomes such as loss of bladder function following trauma.  Many health care professionals are beginning to see the value in putting patients on cannabinoids immediately following any kind of head trauma. The National Pain Foundation Study found cannabinoids are more than 6 times more effective for pain than Cymbalta, Savella or Lyrica.


A Maine Medical Center study found that for out of 1,500 users of opioids for chronic pain, when CBD was introduced there was a 76% reduction in Opioid use, 27% reduction in anxiety meds, 66% reduction in anxiety meds, and a 65% reduction in sleep meds and a 42% reduction in alcohol use.   All health problems commonly experienced by patients following an automobile injury or other trauma.   One animal study found CBD helps rodents get on better with their cage mates. Can’t beat that!

This is only a small slice of the benefits of CBD.  Just as pain killers are not an appropriate treatment for a toothache, CBD cannot replace the chiropractic care in correcting the misalignments in the spine that were caused by trauma.  Your Plantation Florida Chiropractor recommends it for almost all people who have had brain trauma, whiplash, or auto injury a far superior method of dealing with the pain while your body heals.

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