Studies show the rate of hip and knee replacements becoming more common especially as baby boomers begin aging. But look out, our research shows hip and knee replacements can shorten your life and often fail. Though we could not find extensive long term studies, the current studies are enough to draw conclusions that should have anyone think two three or even 4 times before a hip or knee surgery. The cause is believed to be the materials the new joints are made of. Clearly these procedures should be avoided at all costs.
Side effects include:
Kidney Damage
Damage to liver cells
Osteolysis- (meaning damage to bone in the area of the joint replacement)
Damage to Brain cells
Shortness of breath
Damage to red blood cells causing anemia
Damage to immune cells
Damage to DNA – (aka cancer)
Softening of all bone
Increased fractures
Thyroid problems
Decreased sperm count infertility
Damage to eyes – Retinal problems
At Westside chiropractic our methods of treating knee pain are safe, effective and natural, and often improves your overall health. We find a most of our knee pain patients already have too much inflammation, low testosterone, excess corticosteroids, diabetes and other health issues to think of getting an operation shown to make all these diseases worse. There are so many studies on the dangers of joint replacement that it behooves you to try the natural experts on knee pain first. Take advantage of our $49 evaluation. This could be your first step towards good health.
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