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  The chiropractic profession is over 100 years old.  It was “discovered” when a maintenance man, Harvey Lillard, who had fallen and gone deaf as a result, noticed that a bone in his spine was also noticeably out of place since the injury.  D.D. Palmer, a magnetic healer at the time, was able to put the bone back in place and Harvey Lillard’s hearing was restored.  Likewise our patients in Sunrise and Downtown Miami who are looking for holistic health care usually experience many health benefits beyond pain relief. 

The practice of restoring health conditions by adjusting bones grew into an Art and a Science and has grown into a mainstay of healthcare ever since.   However, the practice of adjusting bones, or bone setting is actually an old profession, practiced for thousands of years in places like Egypt, India and China.

Chiropractic care at the turn of the twentieth century was waning.  It was revived in the Flu Pandemic of 1918 when patients of chiropractors survived at rate of almost 90 percent while allopathic patients died at a 90% rate .  Many of those who survived the pandemic did it with the help of chiropractic adjustments.

Following that the Chiropractic Profession experienced a revival.  There was even a Chiropractic Mental Institution established in 1926.  Known as Clear View Hospital.  At the time the results obtained by Clear View were considered far superior to other options available to mental patients at the time.  The Governor of the State was a huge advocate.  There were also other important advocates for the Chiropractic hospital at the time.  One such person was Judge Ponath, circuit judge at the time, who would not condemn anyone to a mental hospital if they or their family could afford Clearview.  He even printed brochures to encourage mental patients and their families to choose the Chiropractic hospital.

Chiropractic Care has always centered on the removal of subluxations.  A subluxation is considered an impingement of a nerve caused by misalignment of bones.  Mostly we are concerned about the damage caused to the spinal cord by subluxations.  However, misalignments of shoulders, feet, knees, hands and even jaws can cause pain and dysfunction, because the brain and spinal cord run everything in your body.  This is why, we often hear doctors using terms such as Neuroendocrine system and Neuroimmune system.  We also often hear people speak of the gut brain connection.

Good posture has always been associated with good health and success. One quote from the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that “Deviations from the bodies center of gravity (poor posture) have resulted in intestinal problems, hemorrhoid’s, varicose veins, osteoporosis, hip and foot deformities,  POOR HEALTH, DECREASED QUALITY OF LIFE, and a shortened lifespan.”  Yet many of us are given drugs for these conditions.   Improving nerve flow is vital to mental and physical health.  The expense of drugs is driven up by the fact that they rarely treat the cause.

We have as a society gotten into a habit of looking for the next great medical cure.  We perceive that there are great medical scientific breakthroughs almost daily.  Yet for most diseases the treatment has improved very little.  The treatment for cancer is still the same as it was in 1950.  However, the price tag has gone up considerably.  The result hasn’t changed that much because of the genetic testing that they did to give a very slightly different chemotherapy drug.   The price of this type of healthcare is becoming unaffordable.

At Westside Chiropractic we know that Chiropractic care combined with functional medicine is scientific, effective, and affordable for almost everyone.   Dr. Owen has extensive training in functional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic techniques, neuro-emotional technique, homeopathy, genetics and much more.  At Westside Chiropractic Center we are committed to your good health.


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Injured in and Auto Accident?

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Dr. Owen has been treating auto injury patients for over 20 years. She uses the latest orthopedic and chiropractic techniques to help you regain your health without the use of dangerous drugs and surgeries. She is certified in Acupuncture, Applied Clinical Kinesiology, and Neuro Emotional Technique. Helping you regain your health and get back to enjoying life is her highest priority.