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Here at Westside Chiropractic Center in Plantation FL, we perform muscle testing to tell us exactly what path to take to fix the problem, be it emotional, biochemical, or caused by subluxation.

What is this muscle testing Dr. Owen talks about?
There are times that our body is sending us signals that something is wrong, but we don’t always know how to pinpoint what it is. Going to an MD will only lead to them telling you they can’t treat the problem because there is no hard evidence of it existing. Basic human anatomy shows there is an intimate connection between your muscles and your nerve system. Every muscle, organ and gland is able to send electrical signals over the nerves to notify the brain of its current condition and specific needs. Muscle testing, professionally called Applied Kinesiology, is used to diagnose and treat these problems.

How does it work?
Kinesiology’s major advance is that it allows the body to “tell” us what needs to be done.

Have you heard of the world-famous tennis player, Novak Djokovic? Well, he had the muscle test done after years of being able to keep up on the court, and he describes his experience:

“Then [the doctor] had me do something very strange. He had me place my left hand on my belly and put my right arm straight out to the side. ‘I want you to resist the pressure,’ he said as he pushed down on my right arm. After a moment, he stopped. ‘This is what your body should feel like,’ he said.

Then he gave me a slice of bread. Should I eat it?

‘No’ he said, and laughed. ‘Hold it against your stomach, and put your right arm out again.’ Once more, he pushed down on my arm, explaining to me that this crude test would tell me whether or not I was sensitive to gluten, the protein in wheat, barley rye, and other common bread grains.

This seemed like madness.

And yet, there was a noticeable difference. With the bread against my stomach, my arm struggled to resist the doctor’s downward pressure. I was noticeably weaker. ‘This is a sign that your body is rejecting the wheat in bread’. I had never heard the term ‘gluten intolerant’ but I had just taken the first steps in learning how a big role food had played in my life, how much my wheat-based diet had been holding me back – and how much was in my power to change.”

When we do this test, we are looking for a muscle to respond by staying strong despite the pressure being applied to it. If the muscle that is being tested gives way, that means there is an inhibition of the muscle. The predominant reason is spinal subluxation (a misalignment of your vertebrae).

How can my problem be fixed?

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