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knee pain

Has walking become a major challenge for you? Are you suffering from Chronic Knee-Pain in Plantation FL? Many people have tried all kinds of costly treatments for knee-pain, or have spent thousands of dollars on injections without any lasting results. If you're looking for different results, then it's time to do something different. Look no further. Dr. Owen's method of correcting knee-pain has had a 90% success rate, and has helped hundreds over her almost 20-year career. It can help you too.

The most common reasons for knee-pain include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or damage caused from trauma or sports injuries. What do all of these have in common? Misalignment of the knee joint. Very slight misalignments of the knee joint known as subluxations, are not usually noticeable by x-ray examination. Some of these misalignments are immediately felt as in the case of sports injuries. Others just start as minor discomfort and slowly grow increasingly worse. Just like as car tire that is out of alignment wears down faster, these subluxations in the knee joint destroy the cartilage, the meniscus and even the ligaments and muscles that keep the knee joint stable.


First, fix the subluxation in the knee. Our special testing procedures for knees and feet are able to locate the specific area of misalignment. Dr Owen is specially trained with special knee joint adjusting instruments that are able to realign the knee join without surgery. Our plan also includes realignment of the spine, hips and feet to prevent unnecessary stress on the knee joint while it is healing.


Numerous studies on our special lasers show that 5 minutes of treatment 3 times per week, have considerable impact on increasing the growth of cartilage, as well as improving the strength and stability in the knee joint..


Walking on stabilized feet and ankles while the knee is healing, is important to your recovery. Many knee problems have originated in the feet. Proper orthotics ensure that your gait is stabilized allowing your knees to heal properly.


Proper nutrition for your knee joint is very important for your health. Nutrition includes Dr. Owen's recommended special joint formula that rapidly helps to lubricate the knee, stabilize the joint and reduce the inflammation.


Proper exercise also plays an important role in the rehabilitation of the knee. Our special knee exercise program performed on our state-of-the-art Vibrawave Machine, rapidly increases strength and stability of the knee joint.



No More Knee Pain! No more anxiety about having surgery!
"Hello, my name is Janet, and I had been having a problem with my left knee that caused me a lot of pain. I stopped exercising or going for my daily walks because the pain kept getting increasingly worse. My husband works in healthcare, and suggested going to an Orthopedist to see about having surgery, but I resisted because I have a friend that went that rout but did not get better. I'm glad I decided to try Chiropractic Treatment instead, because I'm already able to walk without much pain after only four weeks of treatment. I'm no longer having nightmares about Doctors cutting into my knee. Thank you Dr. Owen! "- JJ


"When I first started my treatment plan, just walking was almost unbearable. I even missed some of my early treatment sessions because the thought of walking from the car to the office was enough to keep me away. I am glad that Dr. Owen and the staff encouraged me to stick with it, because I am back on my feet again. I am definitely looking forward to playing more Golf again. Thank you for caring enough Dr. Owen! "- SC


"I work in retail, and have to be on my feet for most of my 8 to 10 hour shifts. For years I have been suffering with pain in my right calf and knee. I have been putting off going to the Doctor, because a co-worker had knee surgery, and was on disability for over a year. I could not afford that happening to me, so I I was trying all kinds of remedies without success. Since I've been coming to Westside Chiropractic Center, I've noticed a huge difference. I can stand for longer periods without pain, and I am no longer worried that my job is in jeopardy. Thank you to Dr. Owen and the Westside Chiropractic Team! " - SB

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