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autoimmune condition

How Getting Adjusted Can Help Your Auto Immune Condition

Autoimmune chart

The immune system is controlled by the brain that controls the matrix – the space between cells. There are two main parts of the nervous system; the part you think about and the part you don’t, known as the autonomic nervous system. There are two types of autonomic nerves. The sympathetic that speeds things up and the parasympathetic that slows things down. Together they keep the matrix – the space between the cells clear of debris. This is debris caused by the building and clearing of collagen, and the task of cleaning up is aided by the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Nutrients and oxygen cross the matrix space to get into cells. Inside the cells is the mitochondria which makes new cell material and produce waste products that leave the cell and go into the space, to be taken away by the circulatory and lymphatic system. The forming and breaking of Collagen is controlled by the th1 and th2.

If this process slows down and we end up with a TH1 dominant condition, this increases the potential blood related disorder; most Lupus cases are TH1 dominant. If the process speeds up we end up with allergies. Getting chiropractic care helps balance these systems and maximized your body’s ability to heal itself by keeping the space inside the cells clear. As we discussed in earlier articles, balancing TH1 and TH2 reactions are an essential part of controlling autoimmune reactions.

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